Jay Fuhrer 2017

The Carbon Cycle

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If you missed this year's workshops watch the presentations here:


The 5 Principles of Soil Health                               https://youtu.be/DPVz4fvWTm4

Don Reicosky - Technical Speaker                        https://youtu.be/qoM0zoZy_Ts

Brendon Rockey Keynote Speaker                         https://youtu.be/iENCfZxkev0

Clark Bown - Why I Believe in Soil Health             https://youtu.be/0Knq_M7xDR8

Cameron Williams, Cody Cole, Dan Lakey -
Drill Setup and Learning from our Mistakes         https://youtu.be/L6Ws7p8eh0A
Matt Yost - 10 to 20 year Impacts of Conservation

Systems on Crop Production and Soil Health       https://youtu.be/oSBssNDy204