Native American Plum
Size: 3'
Price: $26.00
Shrub or tree 25-50' Zone 3. Profuse white flowers. Very hardy. Excellent for wildlife food or habitat.
Size: 2-3'
Price: $25.00
Golden Currant
Size: 2-3'
Price: $25.00
To 6', Zone 2. Erect shrub. Clusters of 2" long, bright, fragrant, golden-yellow flowers and colorful fruit attract birds. Native to the western U.S. Outstanding red fall color.
Hardy Apricot
Size: 2-3'
Price: $28.00
To 25', Zone 4-5. Very hardy. Our seed is from a superior true-to-name Manchurian seed source, which is better and more dependably hardy than domestic sources. Quality fruit suitable for home use.
Size: 2-3'
Cost: $26.00/bundle
Typical purple lilac.
McDermand Pear
Cost: $26.00/bundle
Size: 2-3'
McDermand Pear The hardiest of all pears, introduced from northeastern
Asia. White flowers, semi-glossy foliage and dense,
variably-rounded forms.
Nanking Cherry
Size: 2-3'
Price: $25.00
9-10' zone 2. Very hardy, attractive, flowering, ornamental; windbreak filler. Fruit used for jam and jelly.
Red Splendor Crabapple
Cost: $22.00
Size: 9-14"
The Red Splendor crabapple is a large, open, upright spreading crab that gets about 20' high and wide. It showcases single pink blooms, preceded by the 1/2" bright red fruit are the most persistent as it never falls off. The dark reddish-green glossy foliage is very attractive and turns reddish purple in fall.
Red Osier Dogwood
Size: 2-3'
Price: 26.00
7-10', Zone 2. Colorful all year. Grows rapidly to multi-stem shrub. Ideal for holding soil on steep banks.
Dwarf Russian Almond
Price: $25/bundle
Size: 2-3'
Price: $22.00
These attractive plants feature bright orange clusters of berries and narrow, silvery-green leaves, and are often grown in hedgerows as ornamental shrubs. These bushes thrive with full sun in dry, sandy locations and are tolerant of salty soil and air, since they are commonly found on sea coasts. Seaberries are high in vitamins, oils, and antioxidants — ideal for making nutritious juices, jellies, sauces, and smoothies.
Smooth Sumac
Cost: $22.00/bundle
Size: 12"-18"
Native to North America, good for difficult planting sites.
Staghorn Sumac
Size: 12-18"
Price: $24.00
15-30', Zone 3. Deciduous shrub or small tree. Vivid scarlet, deep red fall color. Tolerates poor dry soil, heat and cold. Plant in clumps.
Woods Rose
Size: 12-18"
Price: $24.00
To 5', Zone 3. Flowers light pink to deep red. Small leaves. More refined plant than Rosa rugosa. Native in northwestern states.
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