The Utah Association of Conservation Districts is the state voice for Utah's 38 conservation districts
and works to educate and support the work of 190 locally elected supervisors and their staff.

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What's New?

District Supervisor helps cancer victim

Click here to read about it.

Work Group Meetings

Work Group meetings are underway across the state. Priorities are being set for area funding on projects including Range management, water/irrigation, invasive weeds to name a few. Please contact your local conservation district for more information.

Wallsburg Watershed Improvement Project

Click here to view a copy of the EPA section 319 final report for the Wallsburg Watershed project. The details within this document serve as an example of what local conservation districts can accomplish in their distinctive areas.

Updated UACD Resolutions

UACD's policy positions are updated annually during the business session at the UACD Convention. The most recent business session was held November 14, 2014. There were 4 new resolutions adopted. Click here to view the updated policy position booklet.

Utah Legislature Update

This year we are closely watching Senate Bill 202 which gives the Utah Conservation Commission the authority over the district and association employees which will be placed under the state payroll system. For information on other bills, visit the Utah State Legislature website.

Zone 5 CRMP

The purpose of the Kanab Watershed Coordinated Resource Management Plan is to assist cooperators to quantify watershed characterization and determine existing water quality and other resource issues. Coordinated technical, research and funding efforts between stakeholders, will guide future watershed uses and restoration opportunities.  A website has been developed to provide information for the general public, and all cooperators: including the Technical and Citizen Advisory Committees.