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UACD Annual Convention

Urban & Rural Conservation
Building a Better Future,Together

2024 UACD Convention.
November 6-7
Dixie Convention Center

Keynote: Michelle "the Farm Babe"

farm babe.jpg

Farmers, ranchers, and the story of our food origins have an amazing, uplifting story to tell and my mission is to give them a bigger voice in the food space. Consumers today are bombarded with misinformation, misleading marketing tactics, food labels, and activist agendas. So I work to bring real, unbiased education and facts from real farmers and leading industry experts.

Today, I reside on 17 acres of farmland near Gainesville, Florida where I'm connected to leading agricultural professionals and continue to advocate for science and farming all around the world. I'm also the host of "HERD it here: a Florida agriculture podcast with the Farm Babe" where I work to raise awareness and improve policy for Florida farmers and ranchers. I'm happier than l've ever been to get back to my "roots" of being involved with animals and farming and have gone from being skeptical about food to sharing my passion of modern agriculture! I've Literally gone from Rodeo to the Rodeo, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Emily Fife.jpg

Emily Fife, State Conservationist Natural Resource Conservation Service 

Commissioner Craig Buttars, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

2023 presentations:
NRCS Updates by Emily Fife
Ag Water Optimization Task Force by Aaron Austin
NACD Grant updates by Rachel Theleur

Districts bring your auction Items for Auxiliary Scholarship Auction. This LIVE auction is so much fun! Suggestion: ask local businesses for donations.

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